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We got womenz! We got menz! we got JEWELZ GALORE! Stock up on all your holiday gifts in one night, and get a little boozy courtesy of our lovely friends at The Saint Austere. See you there my fellow metalomaniacs!

Our Personal Fave's from Lady Grey Fall 2011...

Jill's Picks:

Six Fang Necklace in Bronze with Jet and Pyrite, I even wear it to sleep.

Falcon Crest Necklace in Bronze, Jet and Pyrite
Horizontal cuff (glued on my wrist!), Reflected Heart Cuff, Arrow Cuff

Sabine's Picks:

Fringe Wing Collar in Gunmetal and Jet

Scarab Earrings, What we like to call the "Bad ass Grandma" look
Vertical Cuff and Spear Cuff

Heart Choker in Gunmetal, with Jet and Pyrite. The ULTIMATE necklace.

Need to practice our Lucid Dreaming skills after Fashion Week is over..

Next stop: Astral Projection!

Taken from Wikipedia:

What you can do

This final section should see you off with a few ideas of what to do in a dream.
It is advised to have a clear purpose for your lucid dreams whenever you go to sleep. In other words, every night you consider what you want to do when you have a lucid dream, and select one thing, or perhaps two or three if you are skilled. Avoid this:
"What am I gonna do what am I gonna do? I wanna fly, walk through walls, eat until my stomach explodes, spy on my neighbours, drive in a car real fast, woooeeey I'm gonna . . ."
You will either end up doing none of these things in your dream or getting overexcited and waking up.
Now that that’s clear, here’s a list of possible things you could do, ordered in difficulty. Remember that you might find some things unusually hard (or easy) compared to most lucid dreamers, this is perfectly normal! This is a very rough guide — if you’ve managed something in the Easy section, don't be scared to try for something from the Medium section.


  • Fly
    Most people enjoy flying around in dreams. There are different styles of flight that people use, each with a varied level of success for each individual. Methods such as “swimming through the air”, “Superman style” (one arm outstretched), “Neo style” (both arms at your side), and “Airplane style” (both arms out) ,"eagle style" (gliding through the air currents, using your fingered wings to navigate altitudes) are often used. There are a few methods of getting up into the air, such as simply jumping (you can jump really high in dreams if you believe it) or imagining a great force pushing you from your feet or walking up on air as though it is a staircase. Some people summon jetpacks and slip them on to fly. Be creative and dream up your own methods.

  • Explore your dream world
    Be warned, you are quite likely to forget you are dreaming when exploring! Doing reality checks often and muttering to yourself about how real everything seems can help to avoid this. You can also ask a dream character to tag along with you and remind you when you forget that you’re dreaming.

  • Walk through a mirror or wall
    You can pass through dream objects such as walls, glass, trees, and everything else. Confidence is really the key here. Some variations on going through stuff can be going in slowly, wiggling your finger in first, or running quickly into the object and telling yourself you would go through it. Some people particularly like to go through mirrors because of the unpredictable effects this action produces. However, if you tell yourself you will end up at a certain location before passing through a mirror, you can change the dream scene quickly. Be warned, some people experience nothing and wake up after passing through. You may want to hold your arm to keep yourself in the dream.

  • Look at the sky
    People often report amazing skies in lucid dreams. You can also shout colors at it and paint some sunrises.

  • Show off to your friends (“Hey guys; I can go through this wall!”)

  • Do plenty of sports (trampolining, skiing, swimming, dancing, etc.)

  • Use various power such as Telekinesis and magic (a shortcut if you are having problems would be to summon a magic wand/staff or other device)

  • Try to read a book that you have never read and remember the content

  • Try to browse the Internet and visit sites that you've never visited

  • Use things that you have never used

  • Last but not least: Edit Wikipedia/Wikibooks articles (see question 90 of the Wikipediholic Test) and see if the changes remain when you awake!


  • Eat until you’re near bursting!
  • Teleport
  • Create some dream characters (possibly from a book or film)
  • Try to find your spirit guide
  • Experiments (in fact, researchers will often want people of various skills)
  • Body swapping/possession (where you enter a different body)
  • Morph
  • Take some drugs (this is more realistic if you’ve done so in real life)
    Many people have also experienced realistic effects when trying drugs in dreams that they have never taken in real life.

  • Drive a vehicle (This is especially fun if you haven't ever driven in real life)

  • Fight
    Nobody can tell you what you should and should not do in your dreams; the choice remains up to you.
    • Use weapons
      It is usually more interesting to use melee weapons (knives, swords, brass knuckles) than projectile weapons. Machine guns and pistols often run out of ammo and summoning it can be difficult. Misfires and jamming is also common. However this can be overcome by using Directed Energy Weapons (Lasers, Plasma/pulse rifles).

    • "Beat up" your enemies


  • Have sex
    The excitement, or closing your eyes, can cause you to wake up. An additional reason for waking up may be fixing your eyes on your partner, as holding a gaze for long is also known to cause waking up. Also, it is hard to get a partner in the first place.

  • More morphing like 360 degree vision, sonar vision, etc.

  • Create false memories, etc. False memories can be made by having a lucid dream, but scripting it so you will think it is real, e.g. you think what happened in your dream happened in real life. This is hard because you will have to forget it is a dream while staying lucid (knowing it is a dream).

  • Compose music or poems (or request them from your subconscious)

  • Build a fantasy dream world! (some people build a dream world naturally)

  • Have precognition (your subconscious can be very good at predicting the future with relationships and career)

  • Experience death. This could be a very harsh experience, and depending on your religious or philosophical beliefs may summon you into a different world or nothingness.

  • Ask the dream to show you your worst fears/deepest traumas/etc. (be prepared for some bad stuff to surface)

  • Build/use impossible objects, such as hypercubesKlein bottles, etc.


I shudder at the phrase "style icon", perhaps to call one a "vibe idol" is easier on the conscience.... Here's to Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval,

How we do

love this flipbook illustrating Raising a vessel. Raising is when sheet metal is hammered against a stake,  stretching in pushing the metal into a 3D form. Hard as hell, but oh so therapeutic...

Lee Bontecou


Undoubtedly, my favorite song... ever. My sister handed me a mixtape when I was 12 with this song, amongst other early UK punk bands and FORCED me to listen. one of the best things she ever did for me

rest in peace

Trish Keenan. She will be greatly missed.  Broadcast video with clips from our favorite movie, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. Magical mix:

makes me happy

Philip Glass, Sesame Street, geometry, and 1979 work so well together:

I would like to see an episode of "how it's made" on these...

Please, discovery channel?

If I could commission a magic eye, it would be made up of millions and millions of little eyeballs. The third dimension would depict myself in the mall at age 12, staring at that week's featured magic eye in the window of the "art gallery" (the ones that solely survived on the sales of these artworks during the mid nineties). The painting in the painting would continue to depict the same scenario, and go on and on (like in the opening credits of "Modern Family") If I would ever be so vain as to have a painting of myself, it would have to be under such circumstances.

anyways, these are GREAT time wasters!